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How does our boosting system work?
Firstly, you will order and give us your username and password. Then, one of our booster from our boosters team of high ELO players will boost your account to your desired rank within a short amount of time!
How do I know your website is legit?
You can check feedbacks from our customers There and list of completed jobs lol boosting.

I’m not completely sure about the amount of LP per win, what should I do?
You can try to guess the number and if it turns to be lower than noted we’ll contact you to solve this problem.

Could my account be stolen?
No. Your account is verified to your email address, to which the boosters do not have access.

What happens when the payment is completed?
Immediately after this, your order is placed into an order table so one of our boosters can take it.
Can boosters play my main role and champions?
Yes, you can choose the roles and champions you prefer the boosters to play by specifying them through special extra option in the order calculator!

I did not correctly indicate the league / division, what should I do?
Contact us via Contact Form.
Will your booster use IP or RP on my account?
Not by default, if this is necessary, we will contact you to ask for permission!

I chose the wrong server, what should I do?
Contact us via Contact Form.

Can I play on my account during the order?
Yes, but make sure you tell us the dates and hours you will be playing on your account! Also, do not forget to note your time zone. (GMT+)

How many boosters will play on my account?
We wont change boosters for one order without good reasons, becouse changes IP much times could not be safe for your account.

Can I spectate the games performed by the booster?
Yes, you can use your second account or special online services to!